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Songwriter Miriam Elhajli has carved out a distinctive sound that draws equally on jazz, 70s South American nuevo cancion and levantine sounds, reflecting her Venezuelan-Moroccan heritage. She cuts loose with an expressive, constantly mutable voice, likes fingerpicking her acoustic guitar in odd tunings and writes intriguing, thoughtfully imagistic lyrics. - New York Music Daily

"Miriam Elhajli has created something really outstanding, unique, and heartfelt" -David Amram

"Eclectic, with a soaring voice" - New York Music Daily

"A haunting voice" - The New York Times

Miriam Elhajli is a folk singer, composer-improviser, and musicologist whose work is influenced by the musical traditions of her Venezuelan, Moroccan and North American heritage. ​

Elhajli lives in New York City where she performs  and works as a researcher at The Association for Cultural Equity founded by Alan Lomax.

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